Detroit: An American Autopsy by LeDuff, Charlie (2014) Paperback - Charlie LeDuff

I did enjoy this book and found its stories of Detroit interesting. It allowed me to see the city and its problems from the personal perspective of the author. I'm not sure if this book could be called the result of journalism, as the author talks a lot about himself and his family history - more like a memoir in a lot of ways. I was a little bit disappointed in the self-promotional tone Mr. LeDuff takes in the book - just too much boozy romanticism for me, as well as a quasi-apologist story of how he was falsely arrested for domestic violence. He comes off as a scrapper and a winner on every page. I finished Five Days at Memorial a few weeks ago, which is much more to my taste - full of facts and an assortment of eye witness accounts in order to make the stories of the hospital less subjective. I don't feel comfortable with authors mixing this much subjectivity with journalistic accounts.