Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

I enjoyed this book a lot. It made me think about many different gender and sexual issues, to reflect on my own perceptions, and this is a sign of a good book. I quibble with a couple of things with the book - particularly the notion that Cal's intersexual identity was tied to his grandparents' incestuous relationship. This ties his sexuality, which is something that exists beyond moral prescription, to a universally acknowledged act of deviant behavior. It's as if he is unnatural product of an unnatural union. There's no reason it had to be written this way. Regardless, the real strength of this book is Cal's voice. He has a strong, irrepressible energy and comic charm that make even the most difficult moments feel bearable. I was trying to think of a protagonist with that same feeling, and I thought of Huckleberry Finn. It's funny, since this is now being hailed as one of those "great American novels."