My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult I was really impressed with the writing in this novel for 97% of the way through it, even able to forgive it its little conceits here and there: the fact that Campbell would be so blind to Julia's pain and Julia, brilliant Harvard law full scholarship girl, was unable to realize that a service dog for Campbell is most likely due to epilepsy and that he broke away from her out of insecurity. These are the little things we forgive books from time to time, in light of their broader gifts.
But then... WHAT? WHAT? NO! I can't believe the phoniness of the ending. It's an utterly base and vile way to treat characters we'd come to care about. For an author to step in and contort events in order to create something sickly poetic out of something heretofore organic...ugh. I've lost faith in Jodi Picoult for not having enough faith in her story to just allow it its natural conclusion.