Solaris: The Definitive Edition

Solaris: The Definitive Edition - Stanisław Lem, Bill Johnston, Alessandro Juliani This is a perfect recording. First, an impeccable translation of a top science fiction classic. When I listened, I kept having to remind myself that this novel was first published in Polish in 1961! According to Wikipedia, this edition was rendered specifically for Audible through the estate of the author, Stanislaw Lem. That kind of care and attention really show through in the quality of this production. I have read a ton of Audible books in the past year - over 50 - and this one right near the top.
First, the story: there is something so immediate and timeless about this story. An eerie sense of disorientation, a psychological mystery in the best sense. How can writing this fresh be over 50 years old? I can only credit the author and the translators in bringing together a remarkable work of art. And please be aware: this is not some standard, cliche-ridden potboiler. If you're looking for that brand of genre sci-fi pulp, you can easily find that elsewhere on this site. Solaris, on the other hand, has an amazing energy and organic quality to the way it unfolds. Read it with your full attention, in a quiet space. It's so easy to see how its nightmarish atmosphere have been co-opted by countless science fiction stories and movies since it was written.
I have read another story narrated by Alessandro Juliani, from the Amber series. In that, he was good, but in this endeavor, he absolutely shines. He lends the perfect tone to Chris's voice and observations. it is obvious Juliani made a very careful study of the story before beginning his job, and the care shows throughout in his considered inflection.

I can't recommend this more to a true connoisseur of science fiction literature.