Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne What an interesting mess this book turned out to be. It makes one wonder: if this was the final product, what condition was the story in when it crossed her editor's desk? Several problems mar the final book in the series including the introduction of several characters the reader has little interest or investment in and a shortage of time with characters we have come to care about. The biggest issue for me was the uneven pacing- too often the book felt rushed, as if Collins had so much to do in so few pages. It's a good thing, I think, that the filmmakers are opting to make two movies from it, as it will have a better opportunity to develop elements the book spends too little time with. Katniss still manages to get angry at her two beau hunks, even in the middle of world-shattering crises. She still manages to doubt her abilities and impact in the most frustrating manner. in a way, Katniss has become the most annoying of all the characters in the book. It would have been more interesting to have heard the story from Peeta's perspective. I liked the final chapters best, after all the hubbub at the Capital. It felt more real and fragile than anything else between the covers.