The Fifth Witness

The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly There are several elements that make this, for me, the best of the Mickey Haller series that I have read so far, and a book worthy of five stars. For one, I really enjoyed the topical aspect of Mickey's foreclosure practice. In this, the reader can learn about some of the issues surrounding the economic crash and the legal options homeowners were faced with at the time. Secondly, there is more to Mickey this time in terms of the emotional depth - we get a real sense of his vulnerability. This is territory heretofore skipped over by Michael Connelly, who chose to begin Brass Verdict after Mickey's decent into prescription drug dependency - writing fodder that an author like James Lee Burke eats for breakfast. And finally, without giving anything away, the plot pays off with some very fun and clever surprises for the reader. They're the kind of things that don't feel forced or convoluted, which is a really hard balancing act for an author to pull off. Connelly is a pro - I really, really enjoy his stories.