Great Expectations

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens Really good, but not quite as good as David Copperfield. Why? I found the characters less well drawn, even caricatured, with the plot being too moralistic. I know it isn't fair calling Dickens' stories moralistic- that's part of his great strength of heart. But perhaps coupled with the flatter feeling of the characters, as mentioned, it tends to make the story feel almost allegorical. I was let down by the ending too, which I felt betrayed the integrity of both Pip and Estella. Was it really necessary to put them together at the end? Was there no other way to allow Pip a future? it is said that Dickens intended the novel to be much longer, and I rather wish it was. It would give the story a chance to expand itself into something truly special. Most successfully written characters in the book? I love Jaggers and Wemmick. Joe is a very sweetly drawn character. The rest of the bunch? The protagonist is uninteresting to me, and the others feel one note. I wanted more out of Biddy, for example - some of the spunk of a Peggotty would have been nice.