Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz I enjoyed the second half of this one much better than the first half. I read my first Dean Koontz novel last year and enjoyed it very much, but I don't remember his prose style being so precious and annoyingly affected. Is this the voice of a self-proclaimed normal guy who works as a fry cook? It might work well for writing a travel guide. But somewhere in the second half of the novel, the plot and pace finally overtake all the literary adornments, and I wound up actually enjoying the rest of the book. This series smells like a commercial venture for Koontz. I wonder if he looked around the literary world and thought, "Why are all these young hacks raking in the money with their tepid YA series? Let me in on this action! I can write a series- I'll show you a series, by God."

Haven't seen the movie, by the way, and don't plan to - just from the stills, it looks terrible. As if they couldn't quite get the budget to do it well.