Mr. Mercedes: A Novel (Audio)

Mr. Mercedes: A Novel (Audio) - Stephen King I began reading this book having avoided all advanced information about its content. Rather than King's typical supernatural horror story, the master has bestowed upon us a fantastic, highly suspenseful crime novel replete with all the trimmings. I'm a huge fan of Michael Connelly, and this story is as good as his best work. King has a way in this one of poking a finger at all of our 21st century conceits-- try, if you dare, to count up all the cultural references -- there are even a couple of funny instances of self-reference! I thought the story laid out very nicely, and though the ending was perhaps no great surprise, the ride to get there was pretty awesome. My one beef is that a crucial female character is introduced to us too late in the story to allow a really strong attachment for the the reader. It weakens and cheapens her story arc.