Born with Teeth - A Memoir

Born with Teeth: A Memoir - Kate Mulgrew

I've been enjoying memoirs like this more and more. I don't have any particular affinity for Kate Mulgrew as a performer, but like one might during a long evening of wine and conversation, simply allowed her story to spill over me as I listened to her narrate the audiobook. Mulgrew, with her seasoned smoker's purr, has become a favorite narrator over at Audible for many readers, so it seemed fitting. In this story, she wisely focuses on a handful of key ideas for the subject matter, including the relinquishment of her first child for adoption, the failure of her first marriage, her relationship with her mother, and the meeting of the man who would become her second husband. There's a romantic quality to the writing and to the author's thought processes that are saccharine - a matter of personal taste. I enjoyed hearing her relate anecdotes of working with Richard Burton and feel I might look for something on his life later. In reading memoirs and entering these "relationships," be it because of loneliness or mere instinct, we tend to ask ourselves how well we would get on with the writer. Just about the length of this book, in this case.