Prince of Fools

Prince of Fools - Mark  Lawrence

Prince Jalen has his life goals firmly in place: coax as many ladies as possible into bed while remaining out of range of any situation that calls for foolish acts of bravery or heroism. All is well until one day Jalen finds himself fleeing for his life from an opera house (surprisingly, it wasn't the music posing the issue), and attached by magic to a giant Norseman named Snorri. The two find themselves in a story reminiscent of "The Defiant Ones" crossed with a buddy cop movie, told first person from Jalen's spoiled and sardonic point of view. Because of a lack of something in the description or the time necessary to build Jalen's pseudo-European world, the reader cares little for the silly plot, but it acts as a capable vehicle for pushing our two heroes along. I have the sequel and just enough interest to give it a read, but I'll let it alone for a while.