Persuader - Lee Child

Well, here we go, back on the Reacher train. I kept hoping that this one would take place in a post-9/11 world, but apparently Child had this one in the can before that fateful day. There is no fictional character more ready to swing into action in the war against terror than Jack Reacher, and that backdrop promises to reenergize the entire series.

Although it has nothing to do with those events, Persuader was the best Reacher story since book 2. Much less with the stupid plotting, the stupid women, and the grumpy butthole Reacher - much more of all the right things that made the first books interesting.

Even Dick Hill's narration was better. Hill is a pro, but he does a few things with accents that bother my ear. This time, everything was perfect. Except that the college kid sounded 10 years old, but hey - that's completely forgivable. College kids often behave that way anyway.