Sex, Drugs, and Oriental Shorthairs

Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean - Jackson Galaxy, Joel Derfner

When I read at home, I normally do so on my couch with my cat Ralph parked on my lap. Ralph is an unusually close, affectionate cat who really enjoys human companionship. I've always had a good relationship with cats and dogs, so it was interesting to read Jackson Galaxy's Cat Daddy, which relates the autobiographical story of how the author became a cat behaviorist. Apparently the man has his own television show, but I've never seen it. Galaxy is an interesting fellow, and his story of caretaking needy cats is linked with his battles with addiction. He is unusually candid about his blindspots and mistakes along the way, and his penchant for romantic phrasing betray his rock & roll lyricism. Galaxy is an actor and a musician, so there was a lot of vanity and self-absorption to overcome. At one point he says, "if you've never rubbed shoulders with insanity, he is a sweaty, foul-breathed cab driver who locks the door and takes you wherever he wants." In all, enjoyable and educational.