Catch This Train

Dziewczyna z pociÄ…gu - Paula Hawkins

If you read my last post, you know I went into this one with a healthy portion of bemused skepticism. The hype on this novel is so white-hot, meeting my expectations was next to impossible, though I did try to set them at a reasonable level. I was completely prepared to be underwhelmed with some schmaltzy melodrama.


Well, I am pleased and awed to tell you that I was wrong in all the best ways, that The Girl on the Train deserves all the superlatives, that it was powerful, tense, and moving.


The book hits me where I lie, in that it involves real people with real voices, people living messed-up, fragile, compromised lives.
I will tell you right up front that I experienced this story on audiobook and that the production was absolutely wonderful - three excellent actresses doing stellar work in bringing this world into reader's ears and imaginations. I was particularly impressed with the narrator who read for Megan, and I wish I could mention to you her name to commend her performance, but I'm not certain which of the women it is. They're all great, regardless. If you've not experienced an audiobook before, this would be a great one to begin with. 


Keep your eye on Paula Hawkins because she is absolutely the real deal; it is so astounding to realize that this quality endeavor is her first novel. We are in for so many fantastic reading experiences in our future from this writer!