Last of the Flynns

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

I went to see Gone Girl Friday night and enjoyed it very much. I'm always nervous to watch a film version of a book I enjoyed, but in this case, it was very entertaining. Bit of a slow start, but I actually thought the film handled the strained elements of  the ending better than the novel did. If you haven't read Gone Girl by now, you need to know that the book has gone from "must read" to "culturally imperative water-cooler fodder," which means that you will have that feeling of having missed something  of minor importance when you and your literate friends get together to banter about books and movies. The audiobook is pretty fantastic, so why not give it a go?


I've read the Gillian Flynn novels in reverse order, as it turns out, with the first of her books now on my plate. I'm looking forward to seeing how Sharp Objects stacks up against the others.